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Hubris: buy all the things

In hub news, Fair Wheel Bikes have just published the 4th edition of their immensely detailed hub review, perfect bedtime reading for the closet flange worrier. (You know who you are.)

If that doesn’t make your socks roll up and down, watch this:

#SVENNESS 2.13 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

I’m pleased that being a super pro awesomesauce WorldTour rider has done little to diminish Zdeněk Štybar’s abilities on a ‘cross bike, although as a fan of pink bicycles I’m disappointed that he’s no longer riding that lovely Crux.

Zdenek Stybar's Specialized Crux

Photo: Wil Matthews/

He’d definitely have won on pink.

Hubris: Campagnolo C-Record


A measure of balance for that other post lest I be accused of hating. It’s hard to image a more aesthetically pleasing place to put your bearings.

Hubris: Ultegra 6600 upskirt

Ultegra 6600

Oh baby.

Hubris: White Industries Tracker

White Industries Tracker

I seem to have three of these.


Because shiny.

Hubris: (foreshadowing)

Title because I’ve been watching too many #SVENNESS videos instead of actually riding aforementioned kross biek.

#SVENNESS 2.8 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

In hub news, this is more interesting than you think it is:


Photo: Shimano via

Meet the catchily named FH-CX75. No, it’s not a MTB hub, although it is 135mm spaced. In fact aesthetically, it owes rather more to the current Ultegra 6800 hub than any of Shimano’s bouncy bike offerings:


Photo: Shimano via

The reason this matters is that currently, the FH-CX75 is Shimano’s only 11 speed compatible disc hub. Granted the vast majority of ‘crossers are probably still on 10 speed or lower for reasons of not-being-that-guy-with-the-overly-nice-bike (or like, economy or something) but if future proofing is a concern then it doesn’t make a lot of sense to be buying hubs that aren’t 11 speed compatible at the moment.

As far as I can ascertain the new hub is going be available in 28h only, both front and rear. Yes, a front is coming too:


Surprise! It’s grey too! Photo: Shimano via

There are doubtless already lighter, shinier, more spiritually enriching alternatives out there, but I for one feel safer knowing that Shimano is looking out for us. And by us, I mean people who find this sort of thing interesting and smell faintly of GT85 and loneliness.

Hubris: Shimano M750 Deore XT

XT hubs

I cannot help but appreciate hubs like these. They’re boring as hell to look at and they certainly aren’t light, but they just work. And if you look after them, they’ll last a very long time too. Of course you probably won’t look after them if you’re anything like the typical owner who doesn’t know his cup from his cone, which is why you don’t deserve them.

No XT for you.

Hubris: T.F. Blumfield Duralite

T.F. Blumfield Ltd flip-flop road hub, made in England.

Hubris: Ultegra 6500


A study in cup and cone elegance.