Boone or Boone-doggle? Trek in carbon bike shocker

by M

A month ago, a single image of a prototype Trek ‘crosser leaked to the general indifference of all but the saddest of bike bloggers. Today, said bike has a name, the Trek Boone.

boone 9 800

Photo: Trek

Following on from the Crockett, this is a fitting tribute to the frontiersman and explorer Daniel Boone, who loved nothing more than ironic cowbells and the howl of contaminated rotors on a Sunday afternoon.


He also really, really cared what you thought about tubeless.

Spec-wise the Boone is much as I predicted, right down to the eminently dislikeable BB90 bottom bracket and the IsoSpeed decoupler that’s actually rather a good idea for a ‘cross bike. Naturally, BB90 presents no issue to a pro with multiple bikes and a sponsorship deal but for an amateur who pays for his own bearings, the choice of bottom bracket has to be a consideration.

Sven Nys has already won a race on the Boone as has Katie Compton. For a proper rundown of the bikes features without the relentless negativity on offer here, head over to BikeRumor.