Dig in at the Dock 2014: things wot I lerned

by M

  • Doing absolutely no training at all is great preparation for an hour of peri-chunderous suffering.
  • Rutted cobbles make heavy demands of your stem bolts and riding five sixths of a race with your bars at the wrong angle blows.
  • My beautiful XTR pedals don’t clear mud nearly as well as I’ve been led to believe they should.

xtr (1 of 1)(but they are still beautiful)

  • The geophysicist is an excellent, if slightly abusive, one woman cheerleading team.
  • Remounting in front of a hundred spectators is somehow a lot more difficult than doing it on a quiet backstreet.
  • Not having anywhere to stuff your dollar bill raffle hand-ups can lose you a remarkable number of places.
  • I suck at riding a bike, but that doesn’t stop me enjoying it.

Thanks to David Hamill and John McComisky for their sterling work in organising.

More to follow, maybe.