Un-pro bike: TSP gets racy

by M

xls mud nosh (1 of 1)

This is the machine that took The Setback Post to a season-clinching 60th place in the Open CX at the John Muir Winter Carnival, held at Foxlake, East Lothian.

TSP’s Cormorant RT mechanics were tight-lipped about the details of this build, but under the mud is rumoured to lie a bone-stock Planet X XLS frameset kitted out with “components and wheels”, all chosen according to “what was on sale at the time”. TSP is alone in his team in having embraced disc brakes, and was heard to comment that they were “ok”, and very much “not a factor in keeping the game the same”.

The validity of his comments was emphatically underlined by the number of riders who beat him resoundingly riding supermarket mountain bikes and scrapheap single speeds.

Modesty aside, TSP’s lack of technical skills and fear of faceplanting in mud could not take away from a season finale that was, above all, mediocre. He’s looking forward to next year, when he will run his tubeless setup at a slightly lower pressure and is confident of a podium as a result.

Oh, and the Geophysicist survived too.