The not-so-Secret Project

by M

So yeah, it’s a Planet X XLS. Big whoop.

XLSThe park bench weighs 21.1kg and boasts a 4.4% increase in vertical compliance.

TSP’s TSP represents a number of firsts.

It’s my first drop bar disc bike (first cable discs too), my first crabon crosser [sic], and my first attempt at tubeless. The ease of tubeless setup using Stan’s alarmingly light Iron Cross* rims with Superstar tape and valves, and Stan’s own sealant, took me by surprise.

The tyres are Vittoria XG Pro clinchers – not the tubeless specific TNT edition incidentally, because I’m a huge cheapskate. The wisdom of this choice has yet to be put to the test: they are lighter and cheaper in their standard incarnation, but may carry a slightly increased risk of broken clavicle.

xgpro (1 of 1)

The part that really upsets me is that going tubeless means I can’t observe my usual practice of binning the stupid valve nut. We all have to make sacrifices.

TSP has not been ridden in extremis yet, but first impressions are promising. True to form, it’s ready in time for the very last race of the season, at which the Geophysicist will be representing on the TCX.

Wish us luck.

* Being a huge dork, I originally took this choice of name to be a reference, in somewhat questionable taste, to the German military symbol and decoration. Turns out it’s actually the name of a bike race, which makes a lot more sense.