Hubris: (foreshadowing)

by M

Title because I’ve been watching too many #SVENNESS videos instead of actually riding aforementioned kross biek.

#SVENNESS 2.8 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

In hub news, this is more interesting than you think it is:


Photo: Shimano via

Meet the catchily named FH-CX75. No, it’s not a MTB hub, although it is 135mm spaced. In fact aesthetically, it owes rather more to the current Ultegra 6800 hub than any of Shimano’s bouncy bike offerings:


Photo: Shimano via

The reason this matters is that currently, the FH-CX75 is Shimano’s only 11 speed compatible disc hub. Granted the vast majority of ‘crossers are probably still on 10 speed or lower for reasons of not-being-that-guy-with-the-overly-nice-bike (or like, economy or something) but if future proofing is a concern then it doesn’t make a lot of sense to be buying hubs that aren’t 11 speed compatible at the moment.

As far as I can ascertain the new hub is going be available in 28h only, both front and rear. Yes, a front is coming too:


Surprise! It’s grey too! Photo: Shimano via

There are doubtless already lighter, shinier, more spiritually enriching alternatives out there, but I for one feel safer knowing that Shimano is looking out for us. And by us, I mean people who find this sort of thing interesting and smell faintly of GT85 and loneliness.