From Russia with glove, sort of

by M

I’m predisposed to like Canadian things because I’m half Canadian and because being able to tell people this at parties makes me marginally more interesting than that guy over there who’s just British or something.

In this spirit I assumed that a pair of bona fide (that’s Latin for “fuck a dog”) Canadian cycling gloves from a suspiciously French sounding company, named after a Russian city, had to be good. I was so confident of this that I paid a popular killer of local bike shops ten of my pounds that I earned by working for a pair of Louis Garneau Sotchi gloves, a smug saving of thirty five pounds over the retail price.

As it turns out, I pretty much got what I paid for. Despite their stylish and vaguely expensive appearance, these gloves manage the rare feat of being both incredibly sweaty and quite cold, even in relatively mild weather. Added to this, they have some of that ridiculous mega-velcro on the cuff that is guaranteed to ruin everything it touches, including the gloves themselves.

Perhaps I’m unusual in this respect, but I normally dress myself for cycling. Having put one glove on [glove A], I then need to use the freshly gloved hand to put the other glove on [glove B]. With the Sotchis, the velcro of [glove B] invariably snags [glove A], so as a result the thumb and forefinger areas are ‘bobbled’ all over after a couple of months of occasional use.

sotchi (1 of 1)

Note ‘bobbling’. That’s not a photographic background, it’s the cell wall I paw in frustration.

I say occasional use, because every few weeks I forget how much these gloves suck and I give them another chance. That, or the ones I like wearing are in the wash or the dog ate my homework et cetera, et cetera.

In conclusion, meh.